Sunday 31 January 2021

Sunday 31st January - Here comes the rain

 The rain it raineth every day, almost. Sometimes it sleeteth, and occasionally it stoppeth and the sun shineth for an hour, and that's when I think that Spring might be somewhere up ahead.

It was getting dark, and still raining when I took this just now.

With all the rain we both decided not to go on a walk. I'd like to have a dog, maybe, but not when it is time for walkies. The new oxygen concentrator has been setup and the batteries charged, but it can wait until tomorrow. Or whenever it stops precipitating wetness out of the sky.

I missed a new variation in the game of 'who is allowed to be where' which our cats play endlessly all day. Somehow they both ended up asleep on the settee, one each end, and both woke and sat up at the same time and found themselves staring into each other's faces at point blank range. There was a tense moment, and then they both subsided. As you were, then.

I still have a bag of presents beside my place on the settee (the one that Leo is in). Yesterday I went through it all again and extracted the mini-marshmallow-toasting set. It works unexpectedly well. The marshmallows actually go up in flame with a noise like indoor fireworks. They taste pretty good too, sort of charred and melty (and a bit sooty).  There was a bit of a learning curve on getting the right moment to eat them - hot but not HOT.

Another present which I have brought out is a pack of post-it notes with origami instructions on them. I thought the glue would be a problem, but no. I made a penguin and a piano during a zoom-style call yesterday lunchtime. It is slightly disorientating in that you make the model by following the instructions on the page BELOW the top one... obvious when you think about it, but I hadn't thought about it. But that explains why the next post-it has instructions on it for the piano that I have just made, and why the word 'penguin' might just be visible on the piano. The penguin is labelled 'cat'. 

Finally, I have brought the 'procrastinator' pencils into service. They do have a lovely quality lead in them, and I shall enjoy doodling with them instead of doing what I should be doing.

This is the first drawing I have started (I plan to rub out the pencil and add watercolour tomorrow) since 5th January. Doodling with a procrastinator pencil, and then going over with waterproof pen.




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