Thursday 14 January 2021

Thursday 14th January - Wha?

 Wha? Where have the days gone? It was Monday, and now it is Thursday...

I know why I didn't post yesterday. It was because the milk was off... that is the beginning of the story. One mouthful of breakfast cereal and that was that.

Soooo, Himself had the slice of toast that could be slivered off  the heel of the loaf, to fortify himself for dealing with a Waitrose delivery at 7am. And I made some drop scones with the gone-off milk;

2 tablespoons SR flour, and a matchbox sides lump of butter (ordinary matches, not long ones) and the tip of the tablespoon dipped in the sugar, rub together and mix with enough gone-off milk to make a batter the thickness of double cream.

Drop tablespoonfuls onto a hot non-stick frying pan, wait for the top surface to bubble and lose its shine and look settish. Turn over, hopefully the other side is golden brown. Cook for a few minutes, long enough for this side to become golden brown too. I can fit three in the frying pan in one go, four and they start amalgamating into drop scone instead of drop scones.

There was enough for the both of us for a decent start to the day.

Well, the Waitrose order included items for friends who hadn't been able to get to the supermarket, and they brought us some milk. Which meant that we had to evict the bottle of wine and bottle of sherry from the holder in the door. 

So, later that evening Himself finished off the wine - a very full glass, and I finished the sherry- another very full (but slightly smaller than his) glass.

It was a good thing that I had finished typing up and sending the lesson notes for the first two pupils of the evening. I types and sent the third set of notes this morning. Much safer.

And also didn't blog.

If I had, I would have done the Alphabet letters - 

Tuesday J; Jam; Jam on toast, or stuck in a jam?

Wednesday; 'K; I'm 'K; R U 'K?

Thursday; L. No, not that kind of L, no dropped Aitches! Let's be Elegant, Elevated, and Eliminate unpleasantness

Today was weeeeet and dissssssmal alllll day. I looked at the weather and decided to stay in.

Then I stirred myself into action and forced myself out into the drizzle... 780m in total, no oxygen, several pauses to catch my breath. I did a 6 minute walk test; not very accurate in that the route was distinctly uphill, so I was pleased to have done 280m in those circumstances. I don't like taking our oxygen machine out when it is raining because there is not proper way of protecting the control panel.

Anyway, going out was a good decision. I chatted with a neighbour who is a Pilates instructor. He says I should learn 'thoracic breathing'. He says everyone should learn thoracic breathing, and he used to teach it at a @Pilates for seniors' course he used to run. He says that there's too much diaphragm breathing going on and not enough thoracic breathing. I shall investigate.

Right. I have reached the end of tonight's glass of intoxicating liquor. Time to stop typing while I can still type. Today's piano pupil's notes will have to wait until tomorrow!   


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  1. I thoroughly approve of drop scones made with off milk (or old, sad yogurt) I shall investigate thoracic breathing, sounds interesting.