Sunday, 25 July 2021

Sunday 25th July - Cowering? Per-lease.

 I don't normally go off on a rant, at least, not on this blog, but our latest Health Minister, Sajid Javid, tweeted this yesterday evening;

 I have been tipped over the edge by the use of the word 'cower'. 

I can only assume that in his euphoria about recovering so quickly (in a week - wow!) he has forgotten about all the people - 'his people' - in the sense that he is the one who is supposed to be working to ensure provision of health facilities for everyone - who are still remaining at home for very good reasons.

It is not fear that stops me from socialising, going on holiday or to cafes, shops, theatres. It is the knowledge that I, and many, many others, will almost certainly not be able to 'live' with the virus. 

I bitterly resent the idea that I am 'cowering' from this virus. Like others taking immune suppressant medicines, I am aware that the 'amazing vaccines' probably won't be effective. Like the many, many others with respiratory conditions, I am fairly certain that I do not have the capacity to survive a virus which has such a devastating effect one's ability to breathe.

To describe people who cannot 'live with' this virus as cowards is thoughtless in the extreme.

Ok. Deep breath and see if I can raise my oxygen sats to about 92% - they always drop to about 86% when I get into a strop (normal for healthy people is about 97% or more).

Let's just put this tweet down to careless choice of words, and he's trying to be encouraging and a bit robust - wanting everyone to get out there and back to 'normal' and start rebuilding the economy. 

Sure, but when you have risen to the dizzy heights of the most senior positions in the government of what's left of this country, you should know that you have to think carefully about your choice of words before tweeting to the world. Maybe he still has some Covid brain-fog.

Or, maybe, just maybe, he really did think long and hard and then deliberately chose to tweet those words.

I've just added a new tag to the list - 'furious'.

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