Monday 29 November 2021

Monday 29th November - The Music of Eternity 1

This one of the two Advent books I will be reading between now and Christmas.

The Music of Eternity - Meditations on the writings of Evelyn Underhill, by Robyn Wrigley-Carr. It is the choice of the Advent Facebook group I joined several years ago.    

It is fascinating to see what the other members 'find' in each chapter. I plan to put my 'take-aways' here, if I remember. We don't all post everyday.

The book starts on the first day of Advent, which was Sunday. I hadn't realised this, so already I am one day behind! Never mind, the other book runs from the first to the twenty-fourth of December so I have a day to catch up.

Day 1 - God's Perpetual Coming

There is so much packed into each day's reflection that it is hard to know where to start...
I'm still reeling from this;

'Attention to God is the primary religious act.....If we put His worship last and our needs first, all proportion goes'.

But I have the attention span of a goldfish...

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