Thursday 2 December 2021

Thursday 2nd December - Music of Eternity Day - Day 4

 'Wakening to God's Eternal Action' is the chapter heading.

The moment when we become aware of God's creative action, able to respond or resist, is when our conscious spiritual life begins.

I'm coming to the conclusion that this book is so full, so rich, so.... so much to take on board that it is getting beyond me. Like reading one of Paul's epistles when he starts getting all convoluted. 

I could spend fifteen minutes unpacking one of these sentences, and taking on several pages of them is a day's work. I don't have the stamina - concentration - focus - call it what you will, to read complex sentences full of Deep and Significant Words. 

However I found the 'fast food take-away', to carry around with me as I charge through the day;

The lesson of Christianity is what can be done with suffering, when it's met with self-oblivious courage and love.    

This reminds me of the heroism of the Catholic priest, Maximillian Kolbe in Second World War, when he took the place of someone else, a stranger, condemned to death in one of the infamous concentration camps.


The true splendour and heart-searching beauty of the Divine Charity is not seen in those cosmic energies that dazzle and confound us; but in the transcendent power that stoops to an intimate, cherishing love - the grave, steadfast Divine action, sometimes painful, sometimes gentle, on the small unfinished soul.

From Matthew's Gospel, chapter 5; 

'Be ye perfect, even as your heavenly Father which is in heaven is perfect' (King James Version)  I am reminded of Kathleen Norris in 'Amazing Grace' unpacking the Hebrew word translated as 'perfect' also having the meaning of 'mature', 'ripe' - which soften and round out the more uncompromising sound of 'perfect'. 

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