Thursday 24 February 2022

Thursday 24th February - A New Thing Every Day

When the days are grey and cold and rainy and yesterday and today and tomorrow all seem to be the same, it is not a bad idea to try and find, or do, or see, something new every day.

Tiny treats, to make today different to yesterday.

Preferably NOT involving cake, biscuits, ice-cream, on-line shopping, or any other extravagances!

Yesterday a friend dropped round with a surprise;

 so I have spent a happy hour trying not to make too much mess in the dining room, yeah, probably not the most sensible place, I know, turning it from this;

to this

and finally;

 I do realize that there will be no point in looking for any signs of growth tomorrow, but having a peek through the plastic every so often will give me something new to do.

I used a permanent pigment pen to write the name of the herbs on the plastic clothes pegs. The instructions were minimalistic, to say the least, but I thought wrapping the whole tray in a plastic bag might help stop the earth from drying out too quickly.