Saturday 5 March 2022

Lizards and Hares

 The picture on the calendar is lizards; abd the quotation is Proverbs 30;28

a lizard you can catch with the hand, but it gets into the palaces of the king.

How the accompanying commentary makes its way from 


to palaces 

to the Tower of Babel 

to humility 

to the earth in the garden 

to Adam 

to ashes 

is like a question in that really difficult radio quiz 'Round Britain Quiz' where teams of three people attempt to solve obscure cryptic conundrums. I leave you to discover your own routes.


I'm sitting at the computer with a mug of tea, 

because I should be writing up the last four lessons; two from Thursday 

Lesson one; 'Get on with learning that second page of Bransle de la torche hands together for next week or, or or,...'

Lesson two; ' Isn't it amazing how the first page Rumores de la Caleta looks so intimidating, but when you break it down there's really almost nothing to learn! Just work your way through each of the patterns, and then link them up'  (unfortunately this talented student is playing on an electric keyboard which doesn't really do louds and softs. Ah well, she'll enjoy playing the music anyway.

one from Friday

'you see, you can do the first page of 'First Loss' - when you have done line 1 and 2, you have learned everything you need for line 3 and line 4, except the last couple of notes'.

and this morning's

'could you print off those couple of pages of theory that I sent you last week and do them, and then also look at the pages of sight-singing I sent you the week before that and have a go at them too for the next lesson - remember how well you managed the one we tried in the lesson - so don't be intimidated - you can seriously do these!'

Honestly, in the time I wrote those summaries I could have written up the notes - well, there is a bit more to write about A flat arpeggios and E flat major scales and so on. It's a 'thought worse than the deed' situation.


I've got my ideas slowly coming together for the next picture on the postcard, and am looking through my lovely lovely Angela Harding book for inspiration before I start drawing and experimenting;

I also love this video; to create a sampler of stitches.

I will have to take a firm hold of my enthusiasms if I am ever going to finish the first sock, and the second sock, and the tea cosy, and the greeny-blue junper. Choices Will Have To Be Made.

At least the weather outside is still grey and gloomy - that will help me get things done!  


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