Tuesday 8 March 2022

Tuesday 8th March - The Bulls of Bashan

 Today's Noah's Ark picture was rather alarming - more cattle;

It looks more like a man with a costume head; and Psalm 22 verse 12-13 explains what it is about;

"Strong bulls of Bashan have beset me round. "

Bashan, the richest pasture around Palestine, produces the largest and strongest animals (Ezekiel 39:18). Hence "the kine of Bashan" became an expression for powerful oppressors (Amos 4:1)

Rather topical, thinking about Ukraine, and the potential disasters that could ensue from this reckless invasion.

It seems selfish to switch off, turn over, avoid the news; so I watch just a little at a time. There's not a lot I can do from here - donate, pray, make sure that I am speaking the truth...

So, in order to avoid plunging into a personal Slough of Despond, I take delight in what there is around me; birds on the bird feeder, the cat asleep in the sun, a small and delicious hot chocolate drink, finishing the tea cosy - yes indeedy! The top marker shows where I started from today.

  I decided to do the decreases on every row to make the top flatter. It is now waiting to be felted.

Also, I was most surprised to find that a number of the broad beans has popped through the earth overnight. One pea shoot has also appeared.

I have just finished listening to 'The Long Winter' by Laura Ingalls Wilder - her 'Little House' series has been a firm favourite ever since I first encountered them when I was about nine years old. It is interesting re-reading them as an adult - of course they were only stories when I first read them, but now I am far more aware of the way the roles and position of women, and Native Americans, and non-white people in the society of the time.

Also, having grown up in the South of England, I've always pronounced 'slough' as - well, Slough. To rhythm with cow. The reader of the book pronounced it 'sloo', which is common in the States. And of course there is always the pronunciation that rhythms with 'sluff' and refers to a snake shedding it's skin. 


  1. Thank you for the broad bean picture. Mine have yet to germinate, and other people have posted pictures of flourishing seedlings which left me despondent. Maybe mine will emerge in a day or two. I agree about response to the situation in Ukraine. Brooding over every news bulletin is not helpful. Pray, give, speak out - and trust the rest to the Almighty. After a few very busy days, I did some stitching last night... It was very calming to my soul.

  2. Anything that is calming to the soul has to be good...