Sunday 22 May 2022

Sunday 22nd May - Daily Drawings

 But first, my first ever baby surprise jacket, knitted in 1986 from the pattern in the Sunday Times.  

The original pattern was for a double-breasted jacket. Later versions are single breasted, with an additional bit for increasing the overall length, and also some very slight shaping to the sleeves at the cuff.

I remember that I was running out of yarn, and had difficulty in managing the cast off - the result was that the jacket was so tight around the neck that I always buttoned it as single-breasted! Also, Never, Ever use these cute fancy buttons on a knitted garment for a baby. They were an absolute nightmare to fiddle through the buttonholes. I've kept very few of the baby clothes from when my children were tiny; this jacket in one of them.

I'm still on track with the daily drawings. Sometimes it is a bit of a problem thinking of what to draw. I have been tempted to just write 'this page intentionally left blank'...

Sunday 8th May; I met the three ladies from Ukraine staying with my cousin on a zoom call. They are wonderful! 

Friday 13th May; we used to have the same problem with our previous cats as our neighbour has with theirs; they used to follow us when we went for a walk. Next door's cat gives up and goes home after a short distance, but ours kept on and on, so that I often had to go home and shut them in the house. They were a liability on a walk, as they would attack any dog on sight...

Friday 21st May; I have at last settled on a design for this month's embroidery. I don't think it is going to be as complicated as this drawing...

 The design Ang chose is one of the ideas I had been playing with - she has posted pictures, but the parcel hasn't arrived just yet. I can't wait to see it for real! 

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