Saturday 16 July 2022

Saturday 16th July - where's my woolly jumper?

 Here's a thing - there are weather warnings out for extremely hot weather, but it is actually COLD outside. Not 'winter' cold, more like Autumn or Spring cold, and I have just found a warm jumper to put on and made a nice hot cup of tea.

I expect as the day goes on the temperatures will rise, but it's not hot yet.

I'm on lunch duty today - we shall have salad, with cold meat, potatoes from the garden tossed in butter, and various salads. 

I'll have the rest of the padron peppers I bought a few days ago as an experiment;

BBCgoodfood says to fry them in a little very hot olive oil for about 5 minutes, stirring them about, until they are wilted and beginning to char, then tip onto a dish and season with salt and eat. They are served in Spain as a tapas dish. It's an interesting flavour - like ordinary green peppers, and not at all spicy-hot like chillis. 

I had half yesterday for tea, and thought they were very good. All for me, as Himself didn't care for them. 

One of the ancient cats, McCavity, sits in the kitchen, pointedly close to her dinner plate, and looks beseechingly at us. A teaspoon of superior pate-style cat food seems to satisfy her. And why not? She's nigh on twenty years old and needs several snacks through the day rather than a couple of main meals, especially while it is warm.  

We've been very abstemious with water in the garden, and the clematis and Japanese anenomes have registered their dissatisfaction. So yesterday we did get out the hose, and give those plants a real soak. I console myself with the thought that at least we don't have a paddling pool. But I think one would be nice to sit in, with a glass of wine, and a plate of tapas-style goodies... Ah well.


  1. I too would love a pool to sit in! Hubby took our dog to the beach late last evening and there were still people there at 9 and in the sea. We've watered the pots and all seems ok at the moment, but I think some of the floiwer beds might suffer next week.

    1. When I was in a teenager my parents lived in Indonesia. We had a perfectly designed small pool in the garden, a sort of T shape. You could swim lengths (about 8 strokes each way) but also sit in the short stubby cross bit, only about 2 feet deep, slightly in the shade and holding your chilled drink... those were the days!

    2. Bali was amazing.... Oh, the memories....

  2. OOh, I'd love a pool too! I'm reading your comment above and that pool sounds amazing! When I lived in Bali, I lived in a tiny Kos which was very basic. But I got to know the Head of Music at Bali International School when I got the part of her daughter in the opera we did about the bomb. She was going to Sweden for 2 weeks during her school holiday and asked me if I wanted to stay in her house at any point whilst she was away. I only ended up doing it for about 3 days It was WONDERFUL! She had a gorgeous pool which I swam in, a fridge, an oven, massive 4 poster beds and the most incredible open air bathroom with triple-sized bath! I look so fondly on that memory!
    My husband loves cooking us Padron peppers. They are delicious!