Sunday, 14 August 2022

Sunday 14th August - Bible Society Video Trek

Bear with me, non-churchy types; I think this is interesting for anyone who is fascinated by Ancient History...

I was looking for the next project or theme or whatever for my very casual church homegroup (we meet on zoom to chat, and talk about whatever we were supposed to have looked at during the week but forgot or didn't get round to). The constraints are; 

It must be freely available, as I don't want us all to have to buy some book or course,

It must not be prescriptive as in, 'read this and then answer these questions'

I need to be able to quickly and easily print off something to send to one member who is not on the internet, and joins the group at a friend's house

I need to like it and find it interesting and thought provoking

It needs to be amusing (sorry, I have a mostly, but not always lighthearted and frivolous approach to things)    

At the Bible Society website I discovered this video series;

and so we are sorted. The videos are only a few minutes long, so it is easy to watch them during the zoom, and I can easily copy and paste and post the extra information.

What is really interesting is seeing the places, so different to here in England, where the events of the Old and New Testament took place, and hearing Andrew Ollerton's quirky take on them.

And yes, I did buy his book 'The Bible', after doing a 'look inside' on Amazon.

Anyone who can write this gets my attention


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  1. That is so strange... This morning I was thinking about Wren & St Paul's** and I thought "awful, artificial and something else" and I could not remember the 3rd word. And here it is. Thank you (**Bob was talking about "the fear of God" and His Awesomeness) the videos look intriguing. Bible Society stuff is so well produced. Thanks for the link