Wednesday 30 November 2022

30th November - Organising an Advent Calendar

Tomorrow's the day! For the Advent calendars, of course.

I was given this one last year as a birthday present so that I could enjoy it through Advent

A little cardboard doll's house. It came as several sheets, one had to carefully remove the floors, walls and roof pieces and build the house ready to furnish it and add the occupants day by day.

Last year it was a simple matter of looking through the sheets of cardboard to find each day's pieces. This year I just had a large envelope for the house and a smaller envelope of bits. It seemed a bad idea to have to tip everything out each day, but neither did I want too many envelopes.

I've sorted the bits into days 1-8, 9-16 and 17-24 and collected them into just three envelopes.

Tomorris also the start of the Advent cowl project.  I have scheduled the first instructions to hit the blog at 6.30. Hopefully I have understood the scheduling process.

I have finished the embroidery picture for the Postcard Project. Now to find the 'flat present' - although it is a bit buggy this time, and get everything wrapped and ready to post... probably Friday as tomorrow is a bit fraught with activity and I don't want to rush things.

Now, it is chocolate o'clock and time to open the chocolate box.

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