Friday 18 November 2022

Friday 18th November - Not grown up yet?

 Nope. I remember when I used to leave all my homework until the weekend.... a sensible mature person would do it little by little through the week...

Then I became a teacher and used to leave all my planning until the weekend....

Now I am nearly a pensioner and guess what, I still haven't learned to do things little by little through the week.

Which is why I am blogging instead of writing up six sets lesson practice notes (two from Wednesday, four from yesterday and I am not counting the one which I will do after this evening) and also a set of home group notes and email to go out after yesterday's zoom meet. Neither am I following up an email from the pensions people.

Hang on a moment; I have just found this.... 

Aha! Seeing as how I am just about to google 'can you make Christmas Cake in the bread machine? and Can you make Christmas Cake in a slow cooker? (due to arrive today, with any luck) it might be that I could possibly be an adult after all, judging by the above.

It appears that the answer to both questions is 'yes' .... but then the answer to lots of questions should really be 'yes, but is that a good idea?'

I did once make the 'miraculous three ingredient fruit cake' - it looked unbelievably easy. Maybe I did something wrong, but it came out like a soggy brick and went straight into the wormery. 

I have my mother's has a recipe for a fruitcake known as the 'mud-weight'; she used to make it when 'the husbands' all went off on a sailing expedition. Solid fare, to be sure, much appreciated by seafarers.



  1. Just as well you didn’t teach science! All lessons had to be planned the week before because the order for equipment had to be with the technicians by Thursday pm. It was a pain, but excellent discipline.

  2. I'm planning out of my skull at the moment for a mystery Advent cowl I'm trying to design. The slightly disappointing part is it won't be a mystery for me!

  3. I am hopeless at getting things done early. I am that teacher too! I have a stack of marking. Did I do any today? Nope, I went out, read, made a stupid Doctor Who prop, made an Advent calendar craft and various Christmas crafts out of old envelopes and am still up faffing, having watched about 10 Doctor Who episodes on iPlayer whilst doing all this! Why am I not in bed!?!??!!!