Monday 14 November 2022

Monday 14th November - Random Comments

 It's King Charles' birthday today. He's 74. Me, I'd rather be retired, living my own life (as I am) doing what I want to do (as I mostly do) whenever I please. I hope he's allowed some peace and quiet on his birthday.

my birthday celebrations started earlier than usual when we met up with son and daughter on Saturday. We have nearly finished the Guy Lian chocolates - rationing ourselves to only two at a time, a couple of times a day, and Himself is fettling the Advent candle so it will stand up straight in the holder - it is the holder that is wonky, not the candle. These little creatures are watching my every move while I teach piano from their cozy egg-box home

I might make them their own special Christmas tree in due course.

The cat is beginning to look a little less moth-eaten; I my perhaps have trimmed off a little too much fur when trying to removed one of the clumpy lumpy bits;

but if I carefully smooth her fur down (rather in the way that our chemistry teacher at school arranged his hair) I can hide the bald spot quite well.

I've been hunting round the internet for a knit-a-long project for Advent as I so enjoyed the one I stumbled across last year. It was at; every day through December I received an email with about ten rows of pattern across 30 stitches - just enough to go with a cup a coffee in the morning. This year their knit-a-long is for create a miniature jumper for a 1/12 size doll - not what I am interested in doing at all. I shall have to see what else is out there, or maybe create my own from the various pattern books I have.  

Maybe a different Christmas motif using up my double knitting stash... hmm. There are loads and loads of free charts (cue 'lost in space music') out there on the web.

I did make a very successful (and incredibly warm) scarf using two balls of yarn, of plain, and one multicoloured. I knitted it in the round, on a circular needle, using charts I found on the internet. Maybe I'll do something like this again. 

This was two different colours of King Cole Riot. I think I used two balls of mixed greys and one of random bright colours - another time I would use a uniform plain colour for the background as a couple of times the two colours merged and the pattern was indistinct.  

Now I've been looking... I'm liking the idea of 2 balls of Sylecraft Life (£3.50 for 100g) and King Cole Magic or Beech (£4.59 for 100g). My fingers are twitching over the 'add to your basket' button,  but luckily for common sense I need to start a piano lesson in 7 minutes.    

It was 96 stitches round, as I remember, so that would be about 4 rounds per day - a project to last until Easter, I think, Christmassy motifs at one end, Candles etc through February, early spring bulbs, and then Easter?


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