Tuesday 15 November 2022

Tuesday 15th November - a slow cooker story, not a knitting post

 I have rashly sent off for a small slow cooker. Our large family sized one sits unused on the work top, and should be removed to someone who could use it properly.

The tipping point was when I saw a 1.8l Crockpot on the Internet for £15; is this too good to be true? I shall know when it arrives in a few days. 

Our first ever slow cooker was one of the very early Crockpots, bought for us by my mother back in 1978. A great idea; except we were commuting together from York to Bradford, so out of the house from 6.00am to 7pm, so anything in the crockpot would have become soup! It came into its own at weekends.

We bought a small slow cooker when we were on holiday, back in 2010. We passed it on to my father when, after my mother had a serious stroke, he found himself having to be the cook. He never really took to it though, so we retrieved it and gave it to my daughter. She used it all the time, until the fateful night when the wall mounted kitchen cupboard became a floor standing one in the wee small hours, taking the slow cooker with it.

I  shall let you know how my wee £15 Crockpot and I get on...


  1. Hoping you get lots of use out of it. I find that mine frees up time for important tasks like needlework.

  2. My mum in law recently treated herself to one of these and loves it
    Alison in Wales x

    1. sounds as though we might love it too - it's coming on Friday!

  3. We have been using a mini slow cooker for years and it's great. The full sized one only comes out when there are more than just the two of us. I can recommend cooking a small brisket joint in beer in it. And rice pudding......double yum! I'm sure you will enjoy it.
    (Mind you, it seems to cook quicker than the large one so took a bit of getting used to.)