Tuesday 1 November 2022

Tuesday 1st November - The flying greenhouse

 Yesterday my parcel of goodies from hobbycraft arrived. 

 I had managed to restrain myself to some wooden trays to help with organising my new work area which has a shallow but deep shelf under the work surface. Anything you put into this hidey hole tend to slide right to the back, out of sight, until it drops through the open back and lands on your toes. The trays are there to prevent this irritating even, or at the vary least, reduce the frequency at which it occurs.

And I like the way some households, mainly in the USA, hang a decorative wreath outside which changes with the seasons. At last I have decided to act upon this thought, and included with the trays a wreath, a pale coloured garland and a packet of gold 'rose leaves'.

I was going to take a picture yesterday, but my mobile is getting on in years and the battery will quite abruptly run out of power. 

I was kept awake last night by the wind and the rain, which was really rather over the top ("keep the noise down, can't you? Some people are trying to get to sleep here!"). I wondered if the wreath would survive with the wind hurling in from that direction. All seems to be OK.

There should have been about 12 golden petals; I noticed that they were not brilliantly attached to their wires (you get what you pay for, and I didn't pay very much) when I made up the wreath, and this morning there seem to be only half a dozen left. I might add something or other to the bottom when the weather has calmed down. A gold bow, perhaps.

One of the two plastic greenhouse did not manage so well; the old one, where the plastic has all perished and only the netting is left was fine, with its sunflower seedlings, and the broad bean seeds (several are through), cauliflowers (likewise) and peas (nothing happening there yet). The newer one lifted off and flew down the side of the house and halfway down the back garden, leaving an upturned table, the bottom shelf and all the bricks that were weighting it down scattered about the drive way. Luckily I hadn't put anything in it yet!

Here's The Flying Dutchman... Wagner...


  1. I'm not a Wagner fan but this is very apt! The rain and wind was crazy the other night!
    I like your wreath. I used those same gold leaves for my Helen of Troy costume for World Book Day once!