Friday 13 January 2023

Friday 13th January - end of week 1

Week 1 of piano teaching, that is. The last pupil was soo, soo tired that she was monosyllabic and drooped over the piano keys like a rag doll, swathed in a huge pink fleecy hoodie.  

First week back at school is tough. Especially for a young tired teenager. I managed about 15 minutes of teaching until both of us had had enough, and switched to listening to possible pieces to choose from. Less exhausting for both of us; I played youtube clips and she said 'maybe' or 'no'.

I shall give it a couple of weeks and then have another go at finding a different time if she is wiped out every Friday. When I was teaching more or less full-time, I was beyond speech or listening or doing by Friday, so I'm not surprised if conscientious school children are too.

Instead of an email, I wrote (typed!) a letter to my father today, in word, and sent it as an attachment. A stamp-less letter! Mostly about books, and reminiscing,  chit chat. Could this be a new thing? I much prefer writing letters to emails; letters feel more real, perhaps? He can print it and read it from paper if he likes. 

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