Tuesday 10 January 2023

Tuesday 10th January - Topsy-turvified

I had a lung clinic appointment this morning over zoom. How lovely not to be driving to London through the early hours of the morning, and plodding through the cold, grey, rainy streets, and then doing the whole ring in reverse. Instead, we sat in the warm at the dining table  I was also lucky enough to see one of the consultants that I feel most comfortable with.

It seems I'm am still reasonably stable, so as long as I stay clear of respiratory illnesses I should be able to carry on much as I am. That's good news.

I wasn't expecting anything different, but I still get tense beforehand and then feel a bit washed out afterwards.

We also had a boiler service "our engineer will be with you between 12 noon and 6". What do we do about lunch? We have our main meal at lunchtime, and only a light meal at around 6pm. Otherwise I get reflux - another consequence of this auto-immune condition. 

Lunch was lamb rumpsteaks... and the engineer was bound to turn up at just the wrong moment. In the end I produced cheese and biscuits and some salad bits at 12, and the engineer came at about 3, and we had 'lunch' at 5.30pm.

So what with one thing and another I'm taking it easy now!

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