Tuesday 31 January 2023

Tuesday 31st January - Still Busy busy busy! February Newsletter is out

It can't last - not two days of whizzing through the To Do list... but today I think I cleared it. 

It helped that I woke up and go started fairly early, thanks to the arrival of the window cleaners. Luckily it didn't matter that I was still in bed - they don't use ladders these days. No, now they have a complicated looking bush on the end of a long pole, which gently pours water while they go over every pane, the windowsills and the bit above as well.

Still, that was the signal for me for me rise from my breakfast-in-bed and get to work. First up was changing the sheets etc. That necessitated sorting out all the pillow cases, which were just jammed i the airing cupboard. They are all neatly folded either as singles or as pairs. (the rest of the stuff in the cupboard can wait for another time!)

Onwards; the bathrooms; Monday is the day for going over the bathroom (ok, I'm late, but at least it it got done). The laundry basket is now overflowing with towels and bedding.

I have finished creating the grid pattern for the next sewing project which replaces The Postcard Project; I think Ang and I are agreed on the name 'Cross Country Collaboration'. So I have sent off Ang's finished Postcard and booklet, and also the pattern for the new one. Here's my piece of fabric, and I'm already thinking about what my first picture will be. 

Here's the design traced from my 11-count Aida cloth onto tracing paper which Ang sent me, so that she can replicate it.

Our 'official' start date will be Candlemas Day.

While looking through my old notebooks for the pictures I wanted as source material for my design, I found my diary for September 2019 - August 2020. I was pleased to see it did have some of the pictures I was looking for (but I can't put them here because that would give the game away).

One of the last items on my 'to do' list was to finish writing the February 'Print an Post' newsletter. It is there on the pages part of the blog; the idea being it is something to share with people who might like to be part of the blog community but don't use computers or the internet. I print it and send it to one of my friends by clicking on the page and then pressing CRTL-A to select everything. Next I put the cursor on a bit of selected text, right-click and choose print. The printout is just four A4 pages long.  

Right. Just duolingo to go and I the to-do list is DONE!


  1. Waiting excitedly for the postman...

    1. I've COVERED the package in stamps so it shouldn't take too long