Saturday 25 February 2023

Saturday 25th February - a day for looking at the weather from indoors

 There's a word for enjoying the weather from inside the house. 

Aha, I found it (thank you Internet) 

Gluggaveður - an Icelandic term anglicised as 'gluggavedur' - which means 'window-weather'. It's the kind of weather that is nice to look at through the window but not nice to be out in.

And exactly describes the weather today. It looked lovely and sunny, quite a lot of the time, but the wind was cruel, like icy knives. Yesterday I managed to get into the garden and do some tidying. Today I got no further than the front door step.

Ang's stitching arrived through the front door this morning. Would you just look at that!

From a photo that she took as well. Impressive. 

Now, what about March?


I've finished the first sock, apart from the heel. It weighs 29g, and I have 30g left... I should be able to do the same again, and, in theory have 1g left for the heels. Now, here's the thing; for this pattern, the heels are knit in exactly the same way as the toes. It makes them a bit pointy,  but Arne & Carlos (youtube knitting gurus) assure me that it will be fine when I wear the sock. So, in another 24 rows I will finish knitting this toe, and can find out how much it weighs, and also what the fit is like. Then I can decide whether to knit contrast heels, and if A & C are right in their opinion.



I've decanted the lamb garam masala that was gently cooking all afternoon.  One double portion for tomorrow, and one for the freezer. It smells wonderful. So far, apart from the leek and potato soup, 'Bored of Lunch' has been quite a success. 

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