Wednesday 8 February 2023

Wednesday 8th February

Every so often I have a 'not sleeping' night. Last night was one of them. I listened to various random programmes on BBC sounds until I eventually managed to drop off.

There is a suitable series called 'The Boring Talks'. I am slightly concerned because I find some of them quite interesting. And there is always the 'Slow Radio' series where nothing much happens.

We had posh 'second breakfast' which improved the first half of the morning.

Then an excellent zoom chat-and-piano lesson before lunch.

I had a zoom routine rheumatology clinic appointment in the afternoon. These zoom appointments work really well for me; if I have to go in person then that's a whole day of travelling and hanging around. Today I just logged in at home. It was one of those appointments where you almost feel you are wasting their time because everything is stable and nothing needs doing, but it is always worthwhile knowing that  othing has changed.

One more lesson, supper, and now I am swathed in one blanket and knitting another;

This is the current mitre square blanket I have at hand for when I want to do something but don't have enough brain to do anything. 

Which pretty much describes how I am now.

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