Wednesday 29 March 2023

Wednesday 29th March - A new Brush

Yesterday afternoon I had a bath because - well, I needed one, but a bath in the middle of the day is not my usual preference. But I was cold, and bored, and fed up, and it seemed a good idea.

I'm not one for the 'spa' experience, mindfulness and candles, petals floating about on the water. In fact I spent most of the time pondering on creating an algorithm to solve three-dimensional suduko grids. Don't ask me why. I can think and plan and plot my way through the ordination 9 x 9 ones, so long as they are not 'Expert', but what possessed me to embark upon this quest I have no idea.

In the end I went back to the 2 dimensional, ordinary grid, and tried to plot it out in my head, but the wretched diagram wouldn't stay still; one moment it was lying flat, like paper on a desk, and the next minute it would flip upright as though it was drawn on a wallboard.

I gave up the pointless struggle because my bath was getting cold.

Once I was reclothed in my rightful mind I ordered a bath brush.

 This should save me from myself in future.

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