Saturday 29 April 2023

Saturday 29th April - seize the moment

I thought I'd best write a blog post NOW as I am in SUCH a good mood... what has caused this surge of happiness? 

Lots of small things;

1. We have changed the sheets on the bed. This is a major task in my eyes, all that pushing and pulling and lifting and shoving and raising a dust... but how lovely when it is done!

2. It is sunny, and warmer than yesterday. Could April have finally arrived?

3. I slept like a log last night. Oh, what a difference a good night's sleep makes!

4. My father has made and eaten a proper supper 2 days in a row; a small steak and kidney pudding both nights, with a snack pot of mango pieces one night and a pot of rice pudding  the other night. Half his problems, I suspect, were due to not eating enough, and skipping the evening meal. I have filled his fridge with easy meals, mango snack pots and rice pudding pots in the hope this will help.

5. He is also enthusiastic about the rollator I have ordered; I am hoping it will make getting out MUCH easier!

6. I am reading an old-fashioned but comfortable book; 'Mrs Lorimer's Quiet Summer' by Molly Clavering, set in 1951. It is like an earlier 'Miss Read' style of book, very gentle, amusing, all about the interwoven ups and downs of a large family, but with no great emotional heart-wringing, tensions, searing, wrenching scenes. Maybe even no murders, as a change from recent books?

 I'm hoping that Guy WILL marry RONA in the end, that Phyllis and George sort themselves out and save their marriage, and that Thomas's life will be improved if Mary takes Mrs Lorimer's advice and employs an efficient cook housekeeper to take over the running of the house... but there are still many chapters to go before I know for sure.


  1. There is much joy in little things (Richard E Grant's daily "pocket of happiness") I'm relishing the opportunity to laze in bed with a coffee, listening to the radio and checking blogs. And the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I know not everything is100% perfect. But this week, I've seen many prayers answered and "it is well with my soul" and that is SO good.

    1. I must investigate Richard E Grant's 'pocket of happiness ' ! If I hadn't got up to change the sheets I'd still be in bed too!