Monday 22 May 2023

Monday 22nd May - another 'day of rest?'

 Fancy that; two quiet days in a row... (be careful what you wish for; if this carries on I'll start thinking everything's boring...)

The weather has turned, I've 'cast a clout' again (no thermal vest ot t-shirt today) and done really not very much. We've even got the hose out and watered some plants that were put into the flowerbeds a few days ago.

The first task of the day was to try and rescue myself from chaos; not the dining room table which has been the usual scene of chaos in years gone by, but the settee where I usually sit;

The heaps of books are definitely Out Of Control.

I was able to restore order without moving from the other side of the settee;

 Tomorrow's task will to deal with all the stuff I removed, currently in heaps on the dining room table.

The other task I dealt with was one I had been putting off; scanning various documents and photographs into the computer. Of course it hardly took any time at all.. like all these things, I spend more time sighing and procrastinating than actually getting it done.

Ah well. If I haven't got my head round it in well over half a century (gulp) I'm unlikely to change now!


  1. I realise I've never actually read Mrs M - just watched the film countless times, and sung Jan S's hymns lots! I must get the book sometime

  2. I have a feeling that the book may be quite different to the film; it is a collection of essays written for the Times, I think, and I can't see how the film would put across the lovely way she writes.