Thursday 4 May 2023

Thursday 4th May - and may the fourth be with you...

 There, that's got that out of the way, I don't it think matters that I've said it at the end of the day, unlike white rabbits which needs to be said first thing, or April Fools which need to be over and done with by noon?

Yesterday and today have been a bit chockablocka, tomorrow will be a visit to the dentist and as for Saturday, well we all know what Saturday will bring; 

an ultrasound scan on my gall bladder to decide if it is a polyp that showed up on the MRI scan way back in January,  or a gall stone. Either way nothing will need to be done, but it's good to know.

Oh yes, and the Coronation... how could I forget. I watched an astonishing programme about how the dress uniforms are made, in a British factory, using silk velvet from Spain, red woollen cloth from Yorkshire, and all the metalwork (buttons, cap badges and the shiny helmets) all made in Birmingham. There was a man, an armourer, moulding the helmet by hand using a machine that defies description 'there are only 2 people who know how to do this' he said, without pausing in the work.

We shall look out the bunting and drape it over bushes in the front garden tomorrow in readiness for The Day.


  1. Wasn't it a fabulous programme? I was so moved when Patrick got to hold the die which had pressed his father's & great grandfather's cap patch. Oh the stitching... We saw an old Juki machine in a 2nd hand shop recently. I have nowhere to put one, and insufficient use for one - but for a moment we were both tempted to buy it! The old blind is down and turned into crowns. The new one not up. We have a temporary blind... A huge Union jack held in place with blobs of BluTac

  2. I was fascinated by the sounds in the sewing factory, a quiet urgency. You can only hand sew well as fast as you can work the needle; no extra hustling or bustling will increase the work rate.