Friday 2 June 2023

Friday 2nd June - I'm at the stage where

I feel so much better that as well as sowing the carrots again (the watering can wasn't that heavy) and

slipping some copper rings around the stalks of a couple of broad bean plants to fend off snails and slugs

I also staked my one remaining pea shoot this morning.

Then I came over all jelly legged and went inside. I did manage to make the mid-morning coffee without mishap, although there was a moment when I nearly poured milk into the water glasses...

Cross Stitching

I thought this would be a nice quick one to do for May;

As usual I did my charting on an enlarged copy of the actual fabric which seems to almost work for me

Although something changed in the execution and I  needed to copy the half-finished work to help sort out what to do in the white space.


  1. I always felt that the planning took up as much time as the actual sewing!

    1. Yes indeed! I've decided on the idea, and now I'm at the 'mulling over how' stage, before starting to put pen to paper, let alone needle to fabric...