Thursday 15 June 2023

Thursday 15th June - Books! Tsundoku!

 I am devouring books at the moment.

I don't usually list what I am reading in my Commonplace notebook, but this month I thought I would... inspired by my 'upstairs' book, 'A Book Of Book Lists' by Alex Johnson

full of 'quite interesting' information. Such as, according to 'Dnld Trmp's' website, 

all of the books he personally authored are best sellers. 

Really? Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, My List.

So far I have completed

Ayala's Angels by Anthony Trollope (Victorian light romantic comedy)

A Room With A View by E M Forster (Edwardian light romantic comedy)

Amongst Our Weapons  by Ben Aaronovitch (re-read) (I love the Rivers of London series)

Murder In Province by T A Williams (fills the time well enough - I read the first two so I knew what to expect. But I wish the dog wasn't called Oscar because I kept thinking he was one of the people in the book)

One Enchanted Evening by Anton du Beke (better than I thought)

and I've started 

Sleeping Tiger by Rosamund Pilcher (1960s light romantic comedy)

All of the above books, apart from the Ben Aaronovitch, have been on offer recently, and indeed still may be, on offer with 'Kndl' for 99p. Less than a coffee and a cake! 

Which brings me to a Japanese word I learned recently; 

Tsundoku (積ん読) refers to the phenomenon of acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them. It is also used to refer to books ready for reading later when they are on a bookshelf.


At least is they are on the 'kndl' they are not piling up all over the house. This is my current 99p tsundoku library;

The Butterfly Room by Lucinda Riley

Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins Valdez (the book club choice for this month; I am nerving myself up to start in case it is 'searing' or 'heart-breaking' or 'emotional' etc!)

The Bean Tree by Barabara Kingsolver (she has just won a major prize for women's fiction for her latest book 'Demon Copperhead', a reworking of 'David Copperfield, so thought maybe I ought to give her a try)

Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer (ever-reliable and fun Regency Romance. I can't remember this one from the title but I will know it as soon as I start. I've read them all - and have a shelf of self-destructing PAN paperbacks dating back to the 1960s which I can no longer read because the pages are so yellowed and friable) 

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