Thursday 29 June 2023

Thursday 29th June - day of rest

Well, it was for me, mostly. Himself had a couple of things to do;

I phone my father on Thursday mornings to find out what grocery shopping he needs, for breakfasts and evening meals. Then Himself goes to the supermarket and does the shopping, then round to my father’s flat to replenish the fridge and cupboard, remove anything that's beyond the 'use by' date and just keep an eye on things.

I haven't joined in since before I went down with a chest infection at the end of May; I just don't have the lung power to walk round the shop or up to his flat, even though I can use the lift. But we've in an efficient routine we seems to be working.

He's also brought back some herbs for me to plant out tomorrow and croissants for breakfast at the weekend, yum yum!

The other day I discovered this compressed tee shirt lurking in a drawer. It was a giveaway from an IBM computer event, from maybe 20 years ago? One of these 'just add water' stunts.

After about fifteen minutes it had soften enough that I could turn it over to see how the trick was done;

Much later I was able to unfold it completely and reshape it. It's XL size, and pretty shapeless, but will make a lightweight top for heatwave nights.

Another bit of space cleared from all the drawers full of stuff. Good.

A couple of hours of rain this morning means we needn't water the garden. Here's hoping for the same tomorrow morning. 

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