Wednesday 5 July 2023

Wednesday 5th July - Turning over another new leaf...

 What is it about the idea of starting afresh, turning over a new leaf, trying again?

This page should have been portrait orientation but I've even turned the page through 90 degrees to make it use less space. It's been ages since I stopped drawing a sketch a day, and I'm missing it now.

Writing is another activity which has gone by the board; I notice the last entry in my notebook was in April. It is very easy to be overtaken by events and then lose the impetus.

A couple of things have helped re-ignite the creative embers; A couple of books of poems by Wendy Cope were probably the first sparks, then tripping across this book in Sue's blog (actually, I follow a couple of blogs written by ladies called Sue so I am often confused as to which is who!) aha, it's this one  where she lists the books she has ordered from the library. I've picked up many a recommendation from her blog, and others too, I might add;

Anyway, this is the book; 

I wasn't about to pay lots of money for what was obviously a little gift book, but it was for sale on the secondhand book site I use quite often (rather often, to be more truthful).

It is a little bundle of joy, and I have put it out of reach to avoid reading it all in one go...

It is just a collection of just about daily observations; three- or four- lines describing a small, everyday incident, seen while walking in the park, overhead on a bus and so on.

I try an limit myself to just one page at a time, and will pass it on to a friend when I have finished with it.

So now I am trying to 'stop and notice' things and jot them down. Since I am still avoiding what they call 'unnecessary social contact' and indoor public spaces this limits my opportunities for 'people-watching' - something I used to love doing at cafes in the past. (Hopefully those days will come again...)   

I've also downloaded 'Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris' - the book by Paul Gallico which is behind the film. If I enjoy it, I'm in luck as Mrs 'Arris also goes to New York, Moscow, and becomes an MP in subsequent books!



  1. I love the bookshelf which Sue (in Suffolk) posts each month. Tomorrow I shall look for some Gallico in the library 👍

  2. I haven't read anthing by him for years and years. Looking forward to starting Mrs 'Arris.