Monday 25 September 2023

Monday 25th September- on the way up

'Every day in every way I'm getting better and better'

Where did that come from?

It turns out that this little saying has quite serious scientific origins - who knew? It sounds more like something Mary Poppins would have said.

A very quick search on the Internet and I'm on the Wikipedia entry for Èmile Couè, a Frenchman, who developed a theory of heling oneself through auto-suggestion back in 1920.

Anyway, it is holding true for me. Not the auto-suggestion bit, I  mean, but how I am feeling today compared to yesterday. 

The same can be said of my tomatoes; here's how they were a few days ago, on a sunny window upstairs

and now half of them are ready to eat.

I've picked out the ripest, and left the orange and green ones on the other tray on the windsill. I reckon this is much better than shoving them in a paper bag with a ripe banana; that seemed to have no effect at all.

It's been another day of sitting around reading, with some cross stitching. 

Going upstairs was been a real trial yesterday, but this morning I hit on the plan of having the small portable oxygen concentrator ready at the bottom of the stairs. I set it to max and took it with me to go upstairs and into the bathroom without feeling I was going to expire when I get there. Result! 

Slugging is not going to happen tonight either, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow. I went out to look at the garden before it got dark. Still 14 pak choi, but something has been digging in the pot, so they are looking a bit bedraggled. I've had very little success with hanging badko ver the years, but the redundant wire baskets make excellent protective covers to keep 'varmints' off my pots. I've put one over the pak choi.

Tomorrow is another day....