Wednesday 20 September 2023

Tuesday 20th September - how? what? when?

 It's 7.30pm, and I am finished for the day, apart from slugging last thing tonight.

Yesterday and today were just FULL of one thing after another - mostly minor but a couple of bigger things to deal with, and today has felt pretty much the same. I was on top of things until the last music lesson at 6.30;

'can you help me with my music theory homework?' 

so from the depths of my brain I retrieved the information of transposing orchestral extracts into different keys... we got there, and now I have decided it is chocolate o'clock and time to disappear into my book.

I will just add that I am charmed that the first potatoes to sprout their little leaves above the earth were the ones called 'Swift'. Arran Pilot were next, and now the Maris Pipers have appeared. Every veg pot bar one is now growing something; lettuces, or pak choi, or chard, a few carrots, the Egyptian walking onion (no sign of baby onions yet), potatoes and cauliflowers. I have put a perspex cloche on the cauliflower pot as they seem to be growing very slowly. How will I know when the kohl rabi are ready, I wonder.

I finished the area of cross stitching I started yesterday, ready to start the next bit tomorrow.

Where did September go?

I started this drawing a few days ago and have been tinkering with it ever since - the little white house on the Fulham Road. I wonder how far back it goes? A an with a bicycle came out of the front door; where does he keep it? Does he have to sort of pull it in after him or is there enough room to squeeze past it? 


  1. I read recently about a girl who had opened a Bakery in a tiny shop similar to your white house. I can't remember where I saw the article, but the shop is in Edinburgh, called Sweet Bella's.