Sunday 22 October 2023

Sunday 22nd October

 Clear skies this morning; and that made such a difference. Long before sunrise I could see the dark sky becoming lighter, like the colour of blue-black ink when you gradually dilute it until it becomes a pale blue-grey.

I have started a new notebook 

No, we are not moving house! But the various things we have been discussing off and on for years may now be about to become a reality...  and shuffling the layout of the bedroom is the start. Currently the bed head is against the north wall, the wardrobes on the west, chests of drawers on the south. The bay window is on the east. We have decided to return to our original layout (the lower of the two sketches). Life is complicated by the number of books in the room, the number of clothes in the wardrobes and chests of drawers, and the piles, heaps and boxes everywhere else.

We are hoping to make the room feel more spacious, clear a load of junk and clutter, and also improve the view from the bed in the mornings.

We've made a good start on the books...

Five bags ready for the charity shop.

I'm conscious that our upheaval at home is by choice, and designed to improve our lives. Unlike so many, many people here in the UK affected by floods, and people overseas affected by war, weather and chaotic conditions. Somehow it's always the weakest members of society; the babies, children, elderly, disabled, and women who, in the end, bear the brunt of the struggles.

I'm praying for them all, that their need for food, water, shelter, medicine and any other aid, may be met, and they may find peace.


  1. It makes one appreciate the struggles that many people have today.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yes, everyday and everytime I see another news bulletin

  3. It's quite something to be fortunate enough to have more than enough