Monday 20 November 2023

Monday 20th November - I'll save that for tomorrow's post

 But now it IS tomorrow, and I can't remember what it was that I  saved...

I have resumed patchworking again after a break of a couple of weeks. I made a couple of 'quilt as you go' hexagons while we were away, but when I came to look at them they were weirdly wonky.

Then when I came to look at the edge of the quilt, that was also weirdly wonky


There's a bit of a 'jog' where the red and blue patches meet. I took the cream wonky patch and persuaded it to fill in the gap.

I reckon it will pass the 'galloping horse' test. All the patches have been quilted, and I've added a couple more. Progress!

I'm very pleased with myself for managing TWO sessions of cross stitching today.

(I've also made ANOTHER Christmas cake but I promised not to do any more Christmas cake posts. I'll just say that I remembered to get it out of the crockpot at about the right time and it's definitely looking better the the previous effort!)


  1. Replies
    1. Three! One has been eaten, one is half eaten so quite soon I will be just the one left for Christmas. Good job we like fruit cake!

  2. Its very pretty and I know how much work you've put in to get as far as you have, as I did a hexie quilt last year, but still not completely finished, winters here so I may get it done. Another cake? I haven't made one, we stopped because we're always dieting!

    1. Thank you - I reckon this quilt is more 'learn as you go' than 'quilt as you go'. I cut the cake into very small pieces, probably less than the size of a small match box, so that two pieces looks pretty generous on a saucer!