Wednesday 1 November 2023

Wednesday 1st November Prospect Tower (3) etc

 Sunday 29th October was another 'indoor' morning, thankfully without any disconcerting events like the morning before.  

The weather was wild and blustery; we could watch the rain squalls blowing in from the west through the porthole set deep into the thickness of the kitchen wall;

Way over in the distance towards the east there was a wind farm; it may even have been off shore. It had a habit of appearing and disappearing depending on clouds, or rain, or a sudden gleam of sunlight catching the blades. Like some magical or maybe science fictional effect. 

We did briefly brave the roof terrace again, but it was a lot colder and we only stayed a few minutes. Previous holiday visitors have written in the log book about the delights of sitting in the deckchairs (provided at the top of the stairs) watching the cricket and drinking champagne... another time,  maybe!

Just inside the door was a large colony of hibernating ladybirds,  not pleased at being disturbed. 

Some of them started crawling around in a sluggish way; luckily they were well above the actual door, unlike the ones at the ground floor.

Lunch was amazing; a late wedding anniversary celebration of beef Wellington, mashed potatoes and green vegetables, all from COOK frozen foods, and a present from a friend which we had been saving.

Afterwards I persuaded BB to go for a brisk walk while the sun was shining, as if we go out together he has to accommodate my very short stride length and slow speed, and I know how much he enjoys settling into his natural long-legged stride. I slipped out for a breath of fresh air. I thought I would just walk round the tower inside our personal ha-ha, which separates us from the cricket field, and, further round to the left, some rough grazing. You can see the line of the edge of the ha-ha just beyond the garden table and chairs,

Himself returned much sooner than I had expected as the rain came back quite suddenly. We pottered about in the shelter of the tall pine trees and the Walnut Walk. I was very amused to see this chestnut sapling growing between the roots of this tree;

That's one chestnut that the squirrel forgot. He very kindly helped me gather some fallen leaves and nuts to take back inside.

I brought them home and arranged them on a plate as a centrepiece, with some added oak leaves from our own garden, as a reminder of our week.

Today is more catching up with ourselves; BB has developed his own system for dealing with the online shopping delivery;

 He unloads the crates onto the trays, all ready in a row, at the doorstep, so that the items can be checked for damage or really weird substitutions while the driver is still here (just one item sent back today)

Then it was a morning at the dentist for both of us; just a checkup for me - all fine, and hygienist and replacement filling for BB - not so easy a time.

And then the dentist for my father in the afternoon!

I expect normal schedules may return eventually? 

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