Tuesday 5 December 2023

Tuesday 5th December - Camino, and Christmas Card possibility

 I promised I wouldn't inflict a daily post about my slow progress along the Camino de Santiago...

This is my 11th day, and I have travelled 12 miles. There's still a long way to go! The scenery is delightful. To begin with it felt as though I was walking along the kind of country lane I associate with the West Country. However, the lane suddenly switchbacked through a series of steep hairpin bends, and the houses, the first for miles, are distinctly different. 

I'm  now at the bottom of the valley, I think. That's my marker in the bottom corner; a bit of the tartan cross stitch Ang created.

One reason for enjoying this virtual walk is the weather; during these dull, cold days it is very pleasant to imagine that I am walking through leafy lanes in the warm sun.

A parcel has arrived of stuff I ordered from the wool warehouse. 

A ball of white dk soft yarn, some multicoloured dk, a fluffy pompom for the 5 minute beanie, and a metre of bobble trim which I'm hoping will make good bunny rabbit tails. 

And, most importantly, three skeins of embroidery thread. I wonder what those are for?!?

I love the way they all come carefully tucked inside a drawstring bag.

The Christmas Card idea... if you have survived making scandi hearts you might enjoy next week's paper craft. I found the second and third ones surprisingly easy, after I'd made a rough prototype. 

This is version 3, after I unglued and unfolded it to see how it 'works'. It's a sort of magic book, which folds and unfolds. Version 4 tomorrow!


  1. The walk sounds amazing, I still haven't signed up for one, I want to but am hesitant.. I will after Christmas. We're making arrangements to have our treadmill moved into the spare bed room so easier to use.

    1. It's a really, really long one, over 480 miles! At my rate of progress (I'm aiming for a mile, 2000 steps a day) I'll have hve finished it in May 2025! I usually make up the steps to 2000 in the evening (watching tv) and just before I get into bed (listening to some lively Bach, like the Brandenburg concertos) I don't gave a treadmill so I just walk on the spot.

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  2. The walk sounds a really good idea!!! I love it. I also think it would be good if you were going to actually walk the route- just to get an idea of the scenery, scale etc!

    1. I find it a very interesting way of exploring places I'd like to visit.