Monday 22 January 2024

Monday 22nd January

Good evening, or morning, or afternoon....

(It's evening now for me)

I totally disrupted our grocery housekeeping system by ordering stuff from ocado, delivered this this morning. Normally the grocery shopping order is entirely under Himself's control, indeed fro Waitrose, but every so often I get a hankering for a bit of domesticity and the result can be a bit chaotic.

This time I arranged 'my' delivery for today, so Himself has had time to recover and adjust before working through our usual order for Wednesdays. 

It's because I don't, I can't sensibly go into the supermarket. If we went together we'd look and browse and chat about the foods 'how about some ... this week.... oh, those fish look good.... what about some .....?'

I'm looking forward to cooking a few casseroles and enjoying some stir fries this week, as a change from our usual fare.

This afternoon I starting working on the olive branch book marks for the World Day of Prayer on Friday 1st March. I reckon to get 8 to a page. After watching some YouTube videos I set to work;

This is just a trial sheet, but if it works out I shall be really happy and stop there. I've done it on the drawing/painting/doodling page of my diary aka 'One Book to Rule Them All' so I will have a record of my efforts. 

The cross stitch went into the post this morning. It was originally November's piece; what with one thing and another both Ang and I ended up not starting until January. I think it was February last year when we started the cross stitch collaboration, and we have space for two more months. Then what? We are both thinking about the next project...


  1. Waiting with great anticipation for the parcel

    1. Crossing my fingers that it arrives safely - I love getting the stitch swaps (and also my notebook swaps from another friend) through the post.

  2. The bookmarks look lovely. You are talented!!

    1. It's kind of you to say I am talented. I'm coming to the conclusion that most people would be able to achieve a good standard in art (or singing, or any creative endeavour) if only they had been taught kindly and properly. I was told I was 'no good at art' repeatedly at school, and also that I couldn't sing. Guess what, they were both wrong! Singing lessons, and finding the right 'how to' art books, plus learning to accept my efforts as 'good enough' changed everything.