Wednesday 28 February 2024

Wednesday 28th February

 No knitting and no sewing for two days now. Yesterday I was just feeling too tired and 'brain fogged' to want to do any as the likelihood of having to unsew or tink (un-knit) everything was too great. Instead I frittered away a lot of the day on reading and scrolling and doing suduko and other time-wasting stuff on the tablet.

Today, I woke up with a painful left arm. All the sewing and knitting, followed by too much stabbing at the tablet screen with a stylus, had resulted in complaining arm muscles.

I resolutely stayed away from everything involving knitting and sewing needles, and did my best to prod the tablet screen with my right hand, and I'm hoping I will have cured it. A hot bath in the afternoon seems to have helped as well.

I drew this while I was reading in bed afterwards.