Friday 19 April 2024

Friday 19th April

 The Bog Coat.

I am back in 'think' mode, at least until I have cleared enough of the dining room table. All the people writing about early clothing are full of praise for a small book called 'Cut my Cote' by Dorothy K Burnam. I had a look for it online but it is only available second-hand costing between £70 and over $100. Ah well. 


I'm on schedule to complete this over the weekend;

So that's the heel flap and heel turn completed. Top tip for future sock knitting; if I can, I will knit the heels, starting with the heel flaps, in a different colour; keeping track of how many rows I had done drove me slightly mad, especially when I discovered a surprising pearl row early on and needed to take out a few rows.

I'm storing the finished socks in a net laundry bag  and I'll parcel them up in it when I send them on their way. All the yarn is machine washable. Hand washing baby clothes can be therapeutic, but it's nice to have the choice!

(My Lent discipline of refraining from bad language is sort of holding but is getting a little frayed round the edges!)

I've made steady progress on poncho no. 2. It is in Sirdar jewelspun aran weight I think. I have cast on 82 stitches on 6mm needles, which is about 20 inches wide. I'm knitting every row (television knitting!) until it is 30 inches long, and then I need to make another the same. The colours are lovely! 

I've started a new proper project notebook to keep all these patterns and comments together. I've scraps of paper all over the place and in different books; it's time I gathered them all up together. 

It's an A5 Seawhite travellers journal, with alternating plain and lined pages on reasonably thick paper. It does buckle a bit with very wet watercolours but otherwise behaves well. So now I have a destination for the current slow-stitched book cover.


  1. I looked up Cut My Cote. It is so expensive because it was the guidebook to an exhibition in Canada 50 years ago, and is a 36 page paperback - I guess there aren't many copies around, But if you search for 'images' you can find quite a few of the pages pictured - so you can probably read about 40% of the publication I can see why you would want to read it, in your current zero-waste-clothing studies!

    1. Yes, I saw it was an exhibition catalogue. I was going to search images next. Might try the library, but I suspect it is a bit niche!