Wednesday 17 April 2024

Wednesday 17th April

 I'm in between books at the moment, an unusual state for me. Kindle have rather got my measure and are always coming up with 99p offers. I managed to succumb to just one; 'Touch not the cat' by Mary Stewart. I must have read this a good number of times, but it will bear re-reading.

But, I did splurge on this last week which arrived today;

This is going to be very helpful for working out how to make a bog coat. I am imagining raised eyebrows... the original bog coat was found in a Danish bog and is one of the earliest pieces of clothing - that must be in Europe, because aren't the pyramid stuffed with textiles? - anyway it is reckoned to be about 2000 years old.

It's a very simple construction; basically sleeves, rectangles front and back, and a hole for the neck.

I was thinking it could be a zero-waste pattern, but I've had a better brain-wave; 5 fat quarters would probably be enough. 
These, maybe?

I reckon it could make a lovely light weight quilted jacket/top; I've a thin quilted mattress protector which has been retired from active duty, and also an old duvet cover which would make a lining. But Ang says I need to add gussets (help!) where the sleeves join the body! Here's where the book comes in. There's a whole chapter on them, and I pretty bearly understand the diagrams and instructions. Another couple of read through and I should be there.

Meanwhile, I've started the next charm square for the book cover. The plan is to chain stitch a spiral between the stamps to start with.

When I'm in need of a little tlc, being presented with a tea tray like this, is just the best thing.

Term has started, so I'm teaching again. Just five students left and three should be moving on at the end of the Summer. Ah... I'm no longer semi-retired, more like nearly completely retired!


  1. I must add that to my CV... "Gusset Adviser"

  2. That book looks fascinating. I hope you will share any projects you make.

    1. Yes. It does have cutting layouts for various items, but they are closer to recipe suggestions than your actual garment. Lots of essays and musings interspersed between just 6 projects.