Saturday 11 May 2024

Saturday 11th May

 Enough ink has washed/worn off my fingers from filling my fountain pen to carry on with the cross stitch border. I'd like to finish it this week... who knows. Things have a habit of coming from left field.

This wonderful looking gadget, called a BackBliss, arrived today;

It is designed for applying sun tan or other lotion to your back. I can't wait to try it out. The lotion pad is washable and it comes with a spare pad too. I am amused by the instructions for replacing the pad when it becomes necessary; once you have removed  the old pad and stuck the new one in place, it seems you sit on it for 20 minutes! I need to read the instructions again to make sure.

These past few days have been the the first time it has been warm enough to enjoy sitting out in the garden. We brought my father round for a morning coffee. The sun hadn't reached the table and chairs until just as it was time to go at 11.30, so next time, if the weather is like today we shall need the parasol! 


  1. I actually got out my deckchair yesterday - and impressed Bob by deftly u folding it in one go, no faffing about (it's a trad English style wooden/canvas one) But after 15 minutes I retreated into the summerhouse as the sun was too hot

    1. Congratulations if you unfolded a deckchair without getting nipped by it!