Thursday 23 May 2024

Thursday 23rd May

 Tne day brightened up in the afternoon and we drove out to some nearby Gardens for a little walk about.

On the way I saw the most ridiculous sight; a bird, maybe a sparrow? whatever it was it was furiously flapping across the road trying to catch a large butterfly.  It was having to try and fly just a little bit faster than the butterfly, which was too slow for it to maintain enough speed. Every few flaps the bird lost height and the butterfly increased its lead while the bird struggled to regain height and speed to snap up its prey.

I didn't see how the titanic effort ended!

In the sun and out of the wind it was quite warm. Out of the sun and in the wind it was - quite chilly.

To ,you delight the handkerchief trees were all 'dressed overall' like ships, with their white handkerchiefs hanging from every branch as well as carpeting the ground. 

AND I found something to stare at

I love the way the fronds unfurl all - unfurlingly.


  1. The trees look beautiful. And ferns have such fabulously unfurling fronds...