Who am I? updated 2nd March 2020

That's a good question. I guess the answer depends when you ask it.

My life has changed a bit since the paragraph in blue; I've given up most of the school class teaching so I'm now only loading the car with a guitar and a djembe, and a back-pack full of piano music books. Many schools have a policy of 'no recording equipment of any kind allowed in the classroom'. Since my mp3 player has a record facility, I don't bother with any 'tech now, not even a laptop'. I just sing, or say, or clap or play everything. SO old-fashioned (but very effective!).

Daytimes, Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings,  I'm a school music teacher, zipping all over the county with my car crammed full of stuff; any combination of  trumpet, guitar, ukulele, treble and descant recorder (at least they don't take up much room), djembe, samba whistle, repinique (that's a type of samba drum which is VERY LOUD), ocarina, bag of shakers, bag of claves, bag of boomwhackers, bag of bits of paper, mp3 player, laptop computer and a sound system. I don't claim to be an expert player on any of them, except maybe the sound system, but that doesn't stop me from having an absolute ball teaching them all! That leaves just about enough room for me, my handbag and a packed lunch.

Evenings, Monday to Friday, I'm a piano teacher, based at home.

Saturday afternoons, I'm a zombie. Not the living dead sort, just the zonked out sort.

Sundays, sometimes I'm an organist (1st and 5th Sundays).

I'm also a wife, mother, and a daughter.

For brief periods of time (late evenings, half terms, holidays), I'm also myself.


  1. I do hope things are working out ok for you financially with the covid19 closing all the schools.

  2. I reckon I might just decide to retire a little earlier than planned... Thanks for your concern.