Who am I? updated Autumn 2022

Who am I?

Now that I am reaching retirement age, I think I am becoming more like me and less like what I did, or was....

I am still shielding, isolating, call it what you will, but stay in contact with friends and family and church via zoom or meeting for coffee or a meal outside.

I am married, with two grown up children. I am no longer a school music teacher, but I still teach a few piano lessons every week.

I enjoy reading, writing, music, art, gardens and gardening, knitting, sewing, meeting people.
I don't enjoy dusting, tidying, cleaning the windows, washing the kitchen floor, or housework in general.


  1. I do hope things are working out ok for you financially with the covid19 closing all the schools.

  2. I reckon I might just decide to retire a little earlier than planned... Thanks for your concern.