Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday 19th February; Magnifying glasses, Free Cell and Minesweepers

It was extremely irritating to look up the Bible verse for my Sunday School session in a modern translation, and find that the glass  in the verse "seeing through a glass darkly" (1 Cor 13 verse something or other) turned out to be referring to a looking glass - ie mirror, - rather than the magnifying glass that I had built the "plans" around.

So, frantic re-think. Quick work with a concordance turned up Psalm 66 v 5-ish - "See the wonderful things God has done for us, and, as a total foodie, Psalm 34 "Taste and see that the Lord is good" is one of the wasier ones for me to remember.

My little group of children were perfectly happy to look at things through the varity of lenses I had brought; a couple of plastic fresnell lenses, an Early Learning Centre Sherlock Holmes style magnifying glass, some retired reading glasses, sunglasses and cheap binoculars.

We looked at pictures in the newspaper (discovering that they are made up of little dots) at our rice cakes (did that make them actually bigger?) at each other's hands and eyes - eyes are especially fasinating when you see how many different colours there are in the iris.

File:Human Iris JD052007.jpg
from wikipedia article on the iris
All the time I was fishing around for "the message". When we all sat down together to talk about what we had been doing, and say a prayer or so before going back into church, I found that there were two messages for us all;

In the communion prayer, we get a chance to "taste" and remember that the Lord is good, sending Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

In Lent, giving up something, or taking on something, gives us a chance to "magnify" God in our lives; every time we Don't have the chocolate, or Do read an extra bit of the Bible, we have the opportunity to make God a bigger part in our daily schedule.

My intention is to give up  playing Free Cell for Lent - I waste an enormous amount of time clicking away. However, the time recovered from the clutches of the computer will be wasted if I don't use it for something more important.

from wikipedia article on freecell

I had a trial run at giving up Free Cell yesterday. It wasn't too hard, except that I played rather a lot of minesweepers instead. Oh dear.

File:Minesweeper Vista.png
from wikipedia minesweepers article

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