Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Monday Evening - Rubbish television, so do something useful

Every room in our house, except possibly the bathroom, has to fulfil at least two and sometimes far too many functions. Bedrooms also double as studies, the kitchen is also the laundry and the place where the cats sleep at night; the hall is a boot room and storage space for various musical instruments. We do more than sit in the sitting-room - it's where we eat most meals as well, and that's because the so-called dining room is also the music room and my study. 

Eating off the dining table is usually an impossibility - because it usually looks like this:

I challenged myself to get the table cleared in the time it takes to listen to one CD, as there was nothing to watch on television, and  have to say that the sate of the dining room was beginning to get me down. It actually took the whole of Ravel's "Mother Goose Suite" and also Steeleye Span's "All around my hat" to get the table cleared as far as this;

which is a starling improvement. However, twenty-four hours later, there is a risk that this state of affairs may be all too temporary, unless I stir myself to clear away everything that has landed back on the table top already.

The next challenge is the glory hole beside the piano. It is a good thing that Ofsted has not managed to insinuate its tentacles into the realm of private music teachers as I would fail at the first hurdle for simply having an untidy house. I reckon it will take the length of the complete unaccompanied cello suites of Bach to get this lot sorted.

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