Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday 31st March - The New Magazines

This year I have discovered the joy of blogs, Big Time. Not the writing of them, though that has been fun to do, but the browsing of them. Every evening, instead of watching the television screen, I am glued to the lap-top screen, catching up on all my favourite writers.

I have listed them at the side of this blog, I have filled up my "favourites" bar with them, filing them under different headings.

I trawl through from one blog's blog-list to the next, irritating the rest of the family by reading out bits or suddenly laughing out loud.

What I would really like is for all my favourite blog posts to make themselves into a daily on-line magazine so that with one click, I could have my own daily paper to read and enjoy.

I shall be consulting with my own tech-support team when we are together for Easter.

If they find a way for me to create my magazine, I'll share it here.


  1. Have you tried using a Reader (like the Google one)?

    Welcome to the Tea Light list!

  2. You're right, blogs are the new magazines!

    Googlereader is indeed A Good Idea and saves oodles of time clicking round the blogosphere. Although if you like seeing all the pretty colours (and tealights!) you'll still need to click through to the original blog.

  3. True enough, and the Hardy Plot Generator doesn't show up in a Reader.