Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday March 11th - experimental uploading

I chose to use blogger instead of Livejournal becuase of all the difficulties I had with getting pictured into my posts. At the moment I go through several hoops to get pictures from my phone to the PC and then into my posts; but I have just spotted an option to upload directly from my phone. So here goes;
Well, that was exciting. I pressed "cancel" rather than "install", as I need to think about it. It is a Google+ app, that will take control of a whole load more of my life. I expect I will probably go ahead, (line of least resistance) but for the moment I'll continue to jump through the hoops.

Here are the pictures that I thought I would post;

Rosemary shrubs in flower above the Quarry Carpark in Guildford last Saturday

Tiny daffodils and irises by the front door

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