Monday, 9 April 2012

Knitting Project Block 2

On the face of it, this block should have been even simpler than the previous one.

It uses just one stitch, "knit". You create enough stiches for two sides, and by decreasing in the middle of the row, cause the lines of knitting to contract along the diagonal, until you reach a point. What a nightmare that turned out to be - keeping count, losing track, getting lost.

I thought it would be so easy. I looked at the square from time to time, but thought that it could probably be worked into shape. I reached the end and cast off the last stitch.

I had to admit that the finished square was no good. There were too many mistakes along the way, and the finished piece of knitting wasn't even the right shape.

This became a test of character. I wondered about using it anyway, but hiding it in some less noticeable corner of the blanket when I came to sew all the bits together.

Then I gritted my teeth, unravelled it, and started again. I was really pleased that I managed to persuade myself to redo it.

From this block, I learned

how easy it is to underestimate a task

that I should have made the decision to start again much earlier.

the difference btween perfect, good enough, useable, and really not up to scratch. OK, so it is only small square of knitting; but a thought to carry forward into other tasks ahead.  

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