Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Knitting Project Block 3

This is my first ever piece of lace knitting. One of the reasons for choosing this project is to have the chance to have different little adventures and try new experiences, but in tiny "taster" amounts.

I find the topology of knitting fascinating; how is it that a single piece of "string" can become a dense fabric through a process of looping and looping and looping itself into rows and colums? It is one of the processes which can "unmake" itself; just pull the unfastened end of the knitted fabric and, hey presto, string again!

Poor old Sr Patricia tried her best to teach me to knit and sew at the convent prep school I went to. It was a real trial of wills between us; I hated, hated, hated needlecraft lessons with a passion. I can still remember her reaction to my first knitted dishcloth; a misshapen thing of holes and knots and tangles, put to the back of the annual end of year display. She's got the last laugh; the legacy of her lessons is that I CAN sew and knit, and the unexpected bonus is that I actually enjoy needlecraft. How did that come about?

Now I can have holes in my knitting on purpose! I even understand the magical formula

* K4, K2tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, S1, K1, psso, rep to end *K4

from this block I have learned to think of Sr Patricia with a little kindness and gratitude in my heart.

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