Monday, 9 April 2012

To do list for week commencing 2nd April result; 45%

5 major tasks;
task 1 completed; (not sure if that wasn't cheating, though, as I had already done it before I created the list) 100%
task 2 four days out of seven - better than 50%
task 3 two days out of seven - better than 25%
task 4 added items four days out of seven - better than 50%
task 5 no change to laundry - table cleared once but now back to usual state. 0%

score; 225/500 making 45%

Monday 2nd April - First week of the holidays
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Maundy Thursday Good Fiday Holy Saturday Easter Sunday

1 Wash settee covers.
They are now at the stage when even I don't want to sit on them. The lost and found piece of chocolate was the last straw. Monday afternoon 2/4/12 Done. At least, they are on the line. I've got no-where comfortable to sit until they are back on the settee. Oh alright. I always put one completed task into a to do list so I can have the pleasure of ticking it off.

2 Holiday resolution number 1.
Half an hour's technical piano practise a day, every day, this week. Try practising (hahaha, a pun!) what you preach for once. This started to happen on Monday, but was derailed when I found that one note was sounding a bit muffled and another had a definite "twang". So I investigated the innards of the piano but culdn't find anything obvious, and called the piano tuner. He's coming on Wednesday. Tuesday; splinter in little finger has put paid to the piano practise today. That and and the twangy tuning. The piano tuner came this morning, so no excuse not to do the practise today. Finger is thankfully amazingly better. Managed a dollop of technical exercises today and got to the end of the book - Geoffrey Tankard (not doing everything - just the ones I liked the looked of). Rather bored with him now, so put book back on shelf. Out all day. Nothing got done. Started learning nice little Gerschwin Novelette After getting up at dawn for glorious Easter service, and then going to my parents for real Sunday Lunch and birthday Apple Pie with candles, and coming home to eat Easter eggs, piano didn't happen at all.

3 Gardening
Entirely weather dependant, but would be nice to get the potatoes in (traditionally a Good Friday task - they do be sayin' that them thar taties won't prosper if you plant them when the moon be waning).
Make an effort on the front border and wrest control from the couch grass
Make an effort on the back borders and reclaim the Earth from the goose grass (geese grasses - there is such a lot of it) Monday afternoon 2/4/12 Done some gardening - a bit at the front, and rassled some earth out of the bottom of the compost bin for the potatoes.Not happening today. Cold, rainy spells, and my finger hurts. It's still very cold. The sunshine is a total con. That unfinished front flowerbed is bugging me though. Guess I'll just have to go on being bugged by it. Went into town to get finger injury checked as requested by hospital - felt a bit of a cheat as I can hardly see it. The injury. Not the finger. The finger's all there OK. Weather too cold for anything. Out all day. Nothing got done. In this weather? hahaha. No way today. Weather in teasing mood; grey, cold, sunny, warm. Planted three lots of potato planters in window of Spring weather.

4 New Year's Resolution - Charity bags
The one about taking a bag per month to Oxfam isn't going well. January's got delayed to February's, and March's hasn't happened yet. Two bags needed to catch up. No progress today. Added one item to charity bag in the hall. Added a couple of old books of music and some other bits and pieces to the charity bag. Not lugging the bag in on foot - will wait until we are driving into town Added a ball that I found in a random bag of bits and pieces. Out all day. Nothing got done. Added another book

5 a and b Tidying Up
What has happened to the dining room table? Again! And it's getting worse. Relax. Loads of things have to get worse before they can get better. It's done! didn't take long at all once Igot started. How amazing is that!

And while we're on the subject of tidying, how about putting some clothes into the wardrobe? Would make it so much easier to climb into bed.Yup. Didn't happen though. Pile reduced by shirt, jumper, jeans and underwear that I am wearing today. Am inspired by success of dinig room clear-up to go and see what can be done. Resolve may be weakened by idea of afternoon snooze and finishing off my book. Resolve WAS weakened by snooze and book. Hill of clothes has become a mountain. Out all day. Nothing got done. If I don't look, I won't see it.

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