Sunday, 27 May 2012

May 27th - Sunday - grrr

If goose-grass - cleavers - Robin-run-the-hedge - were a crop that I could harvest and consume, I would be giving thanks for its abundance.

If dandelion seeds could be eaten, drunk, smoked, sold, I would be rich.

But they are not.

So I am neither giving thanks for them, nor am I rich. I'm just having a moan before I take the battle to the flowerbeds AGAIN.

I do this every year. You would have thought they'd get the message that they are not welcome by now.

1 comment:

  1. You can eat goosegrass. You have to cook it first though or the hooks are bad for you.

    It tastes of, well, green. But it's cheaper than spinach. :)

    You can eat dandelion flowers, leaves (bitter), roots (very bitter). Not sure about the seeds though. Dandelion wine is apparently quite good; I've not tried making it.

    Too bad about bindweed, which we have in our garden.